Applying For A-2 Government Officials Visa To Usa

Any Individual of a foreign country to enter the United States is generally required to obtain a visa either for a temporary stay or for a permanent stay. The A category visas are issued to the government officials only. According to certified legal assistant An A category visa is only limited to if the individual requires performing any activity that is solely based on governmental service or activity of the respective government of the respective country from where one belongs.
The best Immigration attorney Milwaukee summarizes the qualifying criteria for obtaining an A-2 Officials Visa to the United States as follows.
There are specific and basic requirements that Diplomatic applicants should qualify in order to obtain an A-2 Officials Visa to the United States. The Diplomat should be travelling on behalf of the national government to engage in an official activity that is required by the government of the respective country. The United States Immigration Law describes that having a governmental concern in any organization does not confirm that the individual qualifies to obtain an A-2 visa. In addition the individual cannot travel on the basis of the tourist visa. There are certain forms that are basically required in order to apply to the desired visa category such as;
�Online nonimmigrant visa electronic application
�Application for A, G, NATO visa (DS-1648)
The online nonimmigrant visa electronic application is a general application process whereas in case of change of status the DS-1648 online form will be required. It is highly advised that the individuals should not go with DS-1648 non electronic form as it is not accepted.
�According to the certified legal assistant a diplomatic note is also required in the basic process of applying for an A-2 Officials Visa which is described as a diplomatic note that is actually a written confirmation by the sending government authorities of the applicant country.
�One scanned or digital photograph of the applicant is also required with the process application form
�The visa process also gives an option for the immediate family members also but limited to spouse and unmarried sons and daughters of any age who are actually the member of the household along with even studying at a different location and they are also required to follow the same application process as the principal applicant.
�In addition to the immediate family members apart from spouse, sons and daughters any person that has been recognized by the sending government as an immediate family member of the applicant family who is not a member of any other household is also eligible to apply.
The best Immigration attorney Milwaukee also advices that the issuance of visa is not always assured in anticipation therefore any purchases or advance plans in regard of accommodation or nonrefundable tickets should be purchased after the visa is successfully issued to the immigrant.
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