Carter Notch Winter Hiking Tip
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Hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities are great ways to develop an appreciation for nature.
You will find endless opportunities to enjoy nature when you visit national and state parks.
Hiking, fishing, cycling, horseback riding, white water rafting and kayaking, skiing, rock climbing and mountaineering are sports you may wish to add to your camping adventure.

A first aid kit and plenty of drinking water are essential items to have on a camping trip. You should also have proper apparel, including rain and wind wear and a fleece jacket.
More clothing and protective gear are needed in the winter.
You will enjoy your camping trip even more if you have information about available activities and hiking trails, which you can find on the national and state park websites.
Popular points of interest are described in travel books and park brochures.
You will often find outfiitters in the area that offer rentals and excursions for the park you are visiting.
You can take hiking trails through the park to see the natural beauty that is offered.

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It is essential to wear a good pair of hiking boots, and for longer outings be sure to take a daypack with water, a first aid kit, snacks and a rain/wind jacket and possibly and extra sweater.
Read the park brochures to learn techniques for protecting yourself if you encounter wildlife such as bears oro mountain lions while you are camping or hiking.
Methods of survival when winter camping include building snow shelters (quinzhees), dressing in “layers,” staying dry, using low-temperature sleeping bags, and fueling the body with appropriate food.
You will probably find that you are allowed to bike on dirt and paved roads in most national and state parks, but biking is not permitted on hiking trails.
There are likely to be bike trails in the park.
Horseback riding is a great and different way to travel through a park, and you will enjoy using the gravel roads found in many of the parks.
Whitewater rafting is a fantastic way to see spectacular scenery in the backcountry of many of the national parks while experiencing an invigorating ride along rushing rivers.
Consider kayaking on some of the beautiful lakes in the parks as a way to explore areas that you may not be able to reach on foot or in a vehicle.
Cross country skiing, rock climbing, and mountaineering are great ways to enjoy your time in the parks.
National and state parks offer great opportunities for wonderful family vacations with such a variety of scenery and outdoor activities.

Lastly on a related note.
Waterfalling � AKA waterfall hunting and waterfall hiking is hiking with the purpose of finding and enjoying waterfalls

Also on another related note.
Camping in the snow can be a ton of fun.

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