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The Internet has made life so very simple and easy for several communities. Several advantages have accrued to Tourists, vacation seekers and regular travelers from this evolution. You can preview a variety of hotels, go through visual presentations, ask questions, bargain prices and all these from the comfort of your home. Let us consider some easy ways to book a Dubai 5 start Hotel.rnrnOverview of DubairnrnA few decades ago, Dubai symbolized only vast stretches of deserts and undoubtedly their oil reserves. But in recent years things have changed rapidly and Dubai today stands tall as South East Asia’s most sought after tourist spot. Not just that, Dubai is also the nerve centre of trade in the region with almost every international name being present there. Bullion to luxury cars, Earth moving equipments to screw drivers, choicest liquor to pristine mineral water, you can find the best of everything in Dubai. Last few years in particular has seen a flurry of activity and the local governance has ushered in mammoth developmental plans in every walk of life. These plans also include some mind boggling world class projects. Some people opine that soon Dubai can make even Manhattan blush in jealousy. rnrn5 Star luxuryrnrnFor those who seek 5 star comforts from luxury hotels, Dubai offers an array of choices and most of them perch above luxury bordering on opulence. Dubai also boasts of some of the finest 7 star hotels in the world catering to the elite class of customers. Though the number of 5 star hotels and rooms are indeed large by any standard they enjoy high occupancy levels almost throughout the year. Despite room rates pitching well above most international locations, the occupancy rates of Dubai’s 5 star hotels have steadily floated above world averages. You should therefore book your Dubai 5 star hotel in good time.

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