Assess Your Homes Odometer: Learn How Right Here

It’s easy to tell when your vehicle is getting up there in mileage, merely look at the odometer. Not to mention that there are other signs– engine knocking, fluids leaking, gas mileage dropping– which let you know your vehicle ain’t what she used to be. But what about your home? There is no odometer to say to clean your gutters at this particular mileage or perhaps add insulation at this year or caulk your windows before you go on vacation.

We spend more time in our homes than in our cars, however we give our vehicles more standard maintenance than our homes, and homes usually cost 10 times as much. Therefore until home builders start installing odometers on homes, we will have to pay attention to conventional wisdom and pay attention to our homes.

Listen, Look, and Investigate

To begin with, you need to listen to your house, and not just for the obvious things such as creaking floors and dripping faucets. Listen when your cooling unit starts. Does it sound right? Is there a loud noise that occasionally scares you? This might suggest it needs to have a little bit of care. Contact an air conditioning contractor to come out and check. Have this unit examined at least once a year.

Supposing that your HVAC unit is consistently kicking on and then back off, this indicates that your house is having a hard time holding a consistent temperature. This can be the result of many different maintenance problems or maybe a combination.

Unquestionably you are having trouble insulating. Think about blown in insulation, that can deliver solid performance during the course of every season without having to rip out your walls.

If insulation is not the problem, you may have trouble with the seals around your windows and doors. Replacement windows will certainly do the trick, but at minimum have your windows caulked and sealed once a year.

Your ducts are quite likely dirty and inefficient, which in addition makes even more work on your HVAC unit. Three items here: have your ducts cleaned, change the filter on your HVAC unit, and have your ducts sealed. These 3 items together are very likely to save additional money in one year than it will cost to have them performed. Your filter ought to be changed at the beginning of summer and wintertime.

Use Your Eyes

Next, you have to check out things. It can be hard to notice items that you are regularly walking past, nevertheless take a good look at your house.

Is the paint on your house flaking?

Are the gutters chock full of leaves and debris?

Do your deck and fence have sun damage?

Has your sink been dripping for months?


Take a spin throughout each room inside your house and just check out all things. Use your hands to feel walls and floors and decide if everything appears on the up and up. This may take 10 minutes. You have time for that, right? You might just discover a few things you didn’t realize were there and you can easily stop them before it’s too late. You might just additionally rediscover an old issue that you have swept under the rug.

Houses are created to stand the test of time, whereas vehicles seem only to last a couple of years. But houses won’t travel the distance without correct care, and the miles can really rack up in the event that we let leaves sit in the gutters and let the cooling and heating unit operate all day long. We do not have miles to determine our home maintenance practices, however we can certainly use our senses, and at the very least, we can use our calendars.

Reid Guthrie is a certified home inspector based in Louisville, KY. His inspection business, The Home Detective, has earned him a reputation for being honest, comprehensive, and ethical. He is completely qualified to perform traditional residential property inspections for buyers, sellers, and home-owners. To order an inspection with their company, just click this web link to come by our web site or give us a calll at 206-745-3975 or 206-786-8649! For additional related information on residential property inspections, also have a glance at home inspection websites.

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