Getting Around In New York City

If you are not accustomed to big city life and you are planning on taking a business trip or a vacation into New York City, then you may not be at all prepared for knowing how to get around a place like this. Just as you plan where you will stay and your itinerary of places to visit, you will also need to plan exactly how it is that you will be getting to and from these places.

If you stay downtown in the city near Times Square and you have plenty of money to spend, then getting a cab might not be so bad. If you are going to stay somewhere a little further away from the center of town, then you might have to plan a little more carefully. You can rent a car, but if you have never been driving in such a congested and unfamiliar area, this could turn your sightseeing day into a nightmare. You might want to consider other options.

Taking the local city buses might be alright with you, but even the schedules can be complicated and the routes that they take might get a little confusing. If you plan to use the buses to get to a lot of the places that you will be visiting, make sure that you study the schedules and routes carefully and print off any information you need well ahead of arriving in the city. You certainly do not want to wait until after you have arrived to figure out what buses you will need to take to get where you want to go.

Taking a cab will be expensive. Renting a car could be dangerous if you do not know how to drive in the city. Taking a city bus might require a little waiting at stops or even changing buses a time or two. If possible, you might wish to investigate taking bus tours and walking tours instead. This will probably end up being more affordable than renting a car or taking a cab and will surely be a lot more convenient and less stressful.

Just be sure and remember to budget in any extra money you will need for transportation. It can be a little costly to get from place to place for eating and other entertainment. Plan where you will stay as close to as many of the places you will be visiting as you can to cut down on the cost of transportation, unless you will be driving to the city in your own car in the first place.

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