Egypt Hotels: Capture The Magic Of Africa With Nile Dahabyia Trip

If you are looking for a holiday with a difference, then Egypt is the place to head to. It is a treasure trove of ancient civilization and mingles it beautifully with the modern day charms. The charm of the pyramids and the tombs has always been its biggest draw but its food, culture, geography and hotels too are as good as one can expect from the best. It is a fascinating country made of dreams and phantasmagoria, which will leave you stunned and shaken. At the end of the day, when you retire at your Egypt hotels, you will have a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your lips.

Some people may be in a dilemma about the time required to discover the unlimited charms of this country. Ideally, you should stay for at least a week in Egypt, if not more. The capital city of Cairo must be one of the must-visit destinations. It will easily eat up 3 days of your schedule because of its various sightseeing attractions. Then there is the Giza, the home to the best pyramids and the wonderful sphinx. You cannot miss out on Giza which also houses the largest pyramid in the country. Other must-visit attractions like Memphis Saqqara, Citadel of Quait Bey and Khan el Khalili markets must also be included in your itinerary.

And at least a day or two must be reserved for enjoying a Nile Dahabyia tour. Dahabyia is a ship-like vessel which is designed to imitate the traditional vessels of the Pharaohs. It can be boarded for getting a closer view of the river which has been the cradle of humanity for thousands of years. The Nile, simply, looks breathtaking from a Dahabeya and the tourists get to witness most of the grand monuments right from the ship. The trip is planned in a manner that the ship takes a course which is filled with attractions, pyramids, temples and other delights. Dahabeya promotion offers are provided by a number of travel operators. You can find them on the net easily.

If you have time at your hand, then you must also check out the city of Luxor. It has some incredible attractions like the famed Luxor temple, the tombs of the Nobels, Excursion to the West Bank, and Excursion to the East Bank. Sharm el Sheikh is also an exciting destination with great beaches and exotic Egypt hotels. It is reputed for snorkeling at a site called Ras Mohamed. The site of Colored Canyons also deserves a visit for its natural beauty. Another town which will interest an adventure freak is the Hurghada. Quad Biking and snorkeling are popularly enjoyed in this corner of the country.

There are some top-class tour operators that are directly associated with the country’s top hotels and sightseeing locales. They can help you book a Nile Dahabyia and enjoy the river’s magnificence at a very affordable budget. The Dahabeya promotion websites also assist you in reserving your seat on a pre-scheduled trip. Plus, you can book hotels of various classes and stay like a prince even at a limited budget.

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