Travel Mugs – An Insulation Sensation

It is usually frustrating when preparing for a long trip, when all bags are packed and the beverage of choice is housed in your favorite travel mug, only to find out not much later, that your coffee, tea or hot chocolate has become lukewarm, leaving an awful aftertaste in the throat. Because of this, we tend to make unwanted pit stops at diners or gas stations to get our beverages refilled, and time is wasted in the process. You might end up late for important meetings and appointments.

But this no longer has to happen; with the advent of insulation technology, travel mugs’ reputation has risen prominently; your stainless steel travel mugs (which can contain both cold and hot drinks) are now not only spill resistant, but the vacuum seals make them a first-rate container to bring with you, be it to work, travel or hopping on the ferry to get to your destination. Highly-insulated mugs have become your indispensable companion during your journeys.

Many online sites offer insulated mugs of advanced technology to help make your day a better and cheerier one. Newly-advanced travel mugs now are made from 18/8 stainless steel both on the exterior and interior. Contemporary travel mugs are also equipped with spill resistant covers so accidents are minimized, if they happen at all. New stainless steel mugs are designed with silicone rubber grips for easier grasp. The technology that has been employed to produce this type of mugs simply means that the exterior is cool to the touch while its contents remain piping hot.

This is in most part, a huge nod to the thermos vacuum insulation technology, which constructs an airless cavity between the thermos’ outer and inner walls, and no matter what the conjectures are, drinks remain very hot or icy cold. This amazing insulation sensation also means that you can basically throw the travel mug around, turn it upside down, roll it or shake it vigorously; and not a single drop will be spilled.

This technology is known as the Thermax vacuum insulation system and its mechanism lies in the airless vacuum between the exterior and interior regions of the cup or container.

The Thermax technology was designed to make your life a breeze, and the highly-insulated travel mug has the capacity to contain a maximum of 18 ounces of fluids, which is ample to ake you wherever the destination lies.

If you travel long distance often to get to work, college or for other purposes, you no longer have to keep switching your travel mug from one hand to the other due to it being too cold or hot. The beverage’s temperature stays put (whether hot or cold) but the container feels like handling any normal empty mug.

Isn’t technology just wonderful? Insulated mugs are such necessities for the constant traveler, and with the help of advanced insulation processes, we no longer feel impaired by our own travel mugs.

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