Plenty Family Vacation Activities Available In Miami Florida

Miami, Florida, is a great place to visit on a family vacation. It is covered with beautiful palm trees and beaches and downtown Miami gleams with skyscrapers and has a vibrant night life. Downtown Miami is made up of 800 deco art building. It is also a tropical paradise. The average yearly temperature is 76. Not too hot and not too cold and perfect for any family vacation.

Bayside Market

The Bayside Market downtown has 16 acres of shops, cafes, and attractions, including Hard Rock Cafe of Miami. From downtown you can watch the laser light show from the Bayfront Park.

Ocean Force Adventures

When going to Miami on a family vacation, the Ocean Force Adventures is a must do. This is a boat tour of Miami by water. It explores more than 40 miles of the Biscayne Bay during a two hour tour. The Ocean Force Adventures is a fun way to explore Miami, Florida, with your family. Note, the marina offers free parking, which is a nice perk.

Biscayne National Park

The Biscayne National Park has a variety of fun tourism activities. In addition to boat tours, a person can go snorkeling and diving. Dolphins frolic in the Biscayne Bay. The Park contains over 500 species of fish, along with beautiful coral. It is a great place to go snorkeling. The park also offers one of the only wall dives in the Florida Keys. For those less adventurous, there is canoeing and kayaking. There are also Biscayne National Park hotels nearby, for those who don’t want to travel far between their hotel and the park.


Another great family activity in Miami, Florida, is the Miami Seaquarium. Make sure you leave at least three hours to tour the Seaquarium. It contains 35 acres of Oceanarium. This includes a dolphin encounter that allows visitors to touch and swim with the dolphins in the Flipper Lagoon. Advanced reservations are required to participate in the dolphin encounter. Miami Seaquarium hotels are nearby for added convenience. What a fun way to spend the afternoon!

Sunny Isles

While you are visiting Miami, do not forget to visit one of Miami’s beaches. The Sunny Isles community is full of family friendly beaches, where your kids can play and splash while you set back and relax. Also, if your family enjoys water sports, Sunny Isles is the place to check out.

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